North American MG B Register 

The North American MGB Register was formed in late 1990 as the result of a strong demand for a non-profit, democratic organization which would be run by MG enthusiasts, for MG enthusiasts, wherein: 1) Each and every member would have a voice on policy 2) The officers would be elected by the membership and would offer them selves for re-election at the Annual General Meeting. 3) The finances of the REGISTER would be open to all, at any time. 4) The MGB REGISTER would be dedicated to maintaining and expanding interest in Britain's most popular sports car .. the MGB. 5) The MGB REGISTER membership would be open to all, with no restrictions, and where the ownership of an MGB is not a condition of membership. 6) ACTIVITY, ENTHUSIASM and DEDICATION are cherished.

This Register is open to MGB's, MGC's, Modern Midgets, 1100/1300's, and Modern MG's (post Abingdon).