North American MMM Register

It is the mission of the MMM Register to preserve and foster the use and enjoyment of these historic prewar MGs. Of the 11,500+ MMM cars produced between 1928 and 1936 there is one common thread: the strong, small displacement, single ohc engines that were the heart of these four cyl. Midgets, and six cyl. Magnas and Magnettes, engines that came down through Wolsley from a Hispano Suiza aircraft engine design. The NAMMMR grew out of an ever growing interest in a newsletter which was hand typed and distributed by Jerome Keuper to interested MMM cars owners in the States in the 80's. The newsletter soon matured into a Register and today some 200+ owners proudly own some 300 of the 3000+ MMM cars on the rolls of the MG Car Club MMM Register - UK.